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Ready for Hillary
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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The video said to have gotten Lauren Southern thrown out of the Canadian Libertarian Party

She re-tweeted it and that was a no-no.

Wonder what will happen to me?

I haven't listened to it all yet, and I am hoping it gets funnier.

I don't think TokenLibertarianGirl should feel threatened yet,

What Charles Koch needs you to know today

Criminal Justice and Policing Reform:
David Post. “Constitutional Right to Obtain Exculpatory Evidence From Prosecutors Extends to Plea-Bargaining Phase.” The Washington Post.

In this article Post provides an update on a recent decision made by the West Virginia Supreme Court, which ruled that “prosecutors violate a criminal defendant’s due process rights if they withhold potentially exculpatory evidence from the defendant while negotiating a plea bargain.” Prosecutors must turn over this evidence during a trial, but the requirement during plea bargaining has been less clear. Some states already have this requirement, though for different legal reasons. Post considers this decision significant because “more than 90 percent of criminal convictions are the result of plea bargains.” At the Charles Koch Institute’s recent Advancing Justice Summit in New Orleans, the need to reform procedures surrounding plea bargaining was discussed in the context of overcriminalization and prosecutorial discretion, and panelists noted the need for reform to the procedures surrounding plea bargaining.  Post notes that this issue is ripe for consideration by the Supreme Court.
Cronyism and Corporate Welfare:
Andrew Langer. “When Cronyism Strikes, It’s the Most Vulnerable Who Lose.” Townhall Finance.

Langer reports that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which is supposed to protect consumers from fraud, has in effect been acting to reduce choices for “those who have the riskiest credit and the least amount of access to banking products.” He explains that recent regulations targeting payday lending have also dealt a blow to check cashing and auto loan businesses. Now the agency is focusing on prepaid credit and debit cards, which are used by millions of Americans who don't have access to traditional credit cards. The author cites a U.S. House report on the CFPB which concluded that “the agency operates with a ‘personal animus’ against the entities it regulates” and a Politico article which reported problematic relationships between the CFPB and the non-profit “The Center for Responsible Lending” (CRL) and its “SelfHelp Credit Union.” CRL has seemingly utilized its relationship with CFPB to help craft rules which provide it an advantage over competitors. Langer notes those without strong credit need the most credit choice and that government shouldn’t paternalistically decide which choices they can make. He concludes that “It’s even worse when government is cozy with those who want to limit those choices for their own benefit.”
U.S. Foreign and Defense Policy:
Kamel Daoud. "Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It." The New York Times.

Daoud exposes the influence of Saudi funded cultural, religious, and media outreach in spreading a radical version of Islam that contributes to terrorism. According to Daoud, the terrorist group ISIS, also known as Daesh, is an outgrowth of a culture that has had a long-standing and pernicious influence in the Islamic world. As the key proponent of "Wahhabism, the ultra-puritanical form of Islam that Daesh feeds on," Saudi clerics help drive a narrative throughout the Muslim world that paints the West as the enemy of Muslims. "Such talk spreads in the social spaces below, while up above, political leaders send their condolences to France and denounce a crime against humanity." The Kingdom’s leadership finds itself in a political bind, with the ruling family’s longstanding ties to Wahhabist clerics providing legitimacy domestically while simultaneously spreading an ideology that could threaten the Saudi government itself. The author notes the irony that the West has taken a firm stance against the terrorist group ISIS, which he calls "black Daesh," while embracing Saudi Arabia, or "white Daesh," as an ally. Without recognizing the cultural, media, and legal apparatus that allowed ISIS to grow and continue to spread, the United States is unlikely to make any real progress in stopping global terrorism.
Technology and Innovation:
Steve Morgan. “Apple’s CEO on Encryption: “You Can’t Have a Back Door that’s only For the Good Guys.” Forbes.

In this article, Morgan outlines recent debates over encryption of devices like computers and smart phones. Speaking out against the U.S. government’s moves against encryption, the president of the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) argued that placing government-accessible “backdoors” on encrypted devices weakens protections for consumers. These comments echo similar remarks made by Apple CEO Tim Cook who said that weakening protections to give government access also makes devices vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals. Beyond security concerns, Morgan argues that U.S. citizens have the right to share privately with one another and that allowing the government, and subsequently criminals, to listen in on these conversations creates a chilling effect on free speech. Encryption is an important aspect of protecting the privacy of individuals. By inhibiting the ability of companies to offer comprehensive protections, the government risks not only reduced innovation in the tech industry but also limits on free speech and privacy.  
Robby Soave. “Millennials More Likely to Support Censorship of Offensive Speech Than Older Americans.” Reason.

In a disappointing study from the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of Millennials favor allowing censorship of speech that might offend minorities. The number of Millennials that support restrictions on speech is significantly higher than previous generations with only 27 percent of Gen-Xers, 24 percent of Boomers, and only 12 percent of the Silent Generation supporting the government’s ability to prevent such speech. These numbers strongly align with a recent study at Yale University showing that the majority of college students favor censorship of offensive speakers. Soave argues that everyone “who values free andopen discourse must do a better job to persuade young people” of the importance of free speech in civil society.
Contributors: Sabrina Gladstone, Carine Martinez-Gouhier, Michelle Newby, Rick Barton
Editor: Austen Bannan

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Priority Issues from CKI
November 23, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kindergarten Teacher Bans Legos For Boys Citing ‘Gender Equity’

Kindergarten Teacher Bans Legos For Boys Citing ‘Gender Equity’ « CBS Seattle

Comedy, Outrage, and College: What We Saw at the "Can We Take a Joke?" P...

Libertarian calendar for November 2015

November 29
Dallas, TX

Dallas Libertarians

7:30 PM
Trinity Hall Irish Pub & Restaurant
5321 E Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, TX 75206
November 29
Washington, D.C.

DC Objectivist Salon (DCOS)
3:00 PM
Smithsonian Museum of American Art
8 & F Streets NW
Washington , DC 20013
Are you going?
6 spots left!
14 Students of Objectivism going

Obama gets really angry -- at Americans

Obama gets really angry -- at Americans

Libertarian calendar for December 2015

December 1
Vancouver, British Columbia

Holiday Liberty on the Rocks
7 pm

Last meeting before Christmas. Come enjoy some cheer & toast #libertyone last time in 2015.
December 1
Washington, D.C..

Policing in America
9 am - 5 pm

Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue NW

The highly publicized officer-involved killings of Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, and others have prompted renewed discussions about American law enforcement. Police departments face increasing criticism from protesters, the media, and the federal government. President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing published its recommendations earlier this year, but what do they mean for officers and the communities they patrol? Is sweeping reform necessary? With approximately 18,000 police agencies operating in the United States, is such reform even possible?

American policing is changing. Emerging technologies provide new methods both for police accountability and surveillance capabilities. Law enforcement scholars and practitioners continue to develop innovative strategies to address crime and disorder. In many cities, police agencies are wrestling with how to increase public safety while respecting the dignity of individuals, particularly in minority communities.

At this day-long conference on Policing in America, an array of law enforcement experts will explore minority perspectives on community policing; police accountability; the costs and benefits of emerging police technologies; and more!


If you can’t make it to the event, you can watch it live online at and join the conversation on Twitter using #PolicingUS. Follow @CatoEvents on Twitter to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from the Cato Institute.

December 3
Washington, D.C.

Star Wars panel
Reason magazine
7:00 pm

In a galaxy far, far away...

Empire and Rebellion forces clash in a debate hotter than the two suns above Tatooine as we approach the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Come celebrate with Reason for all the fan fiction and cultural implications you can handle, Oh, and spread some holiday cheer as well. You won't want to miss our last event of 2015, and if you do, you'll be sadder than a woman watching her lover being frozen in carbonite.

What: Reason’s Epic Star Wars Holiday Bash!

Program: Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post
Sonny Bunch, Washington Free Beacon
Peter Suderman, Reason
Moderator: Nick Gillespie, Reason

When: Thursday, December 3rd , 2015, 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Where: Reason Foundation’s DC Office 1747 Connecticut Avenue NW Washington, DC

Please RSVP to Jordan king at or 860-395-9710

December 4
Washington, D.C.

Christmas Open House
Remarks by Larry P. Arnn
President, Hillsdale College

5:30 – 8:30 p.m.  Open House | 6:15 p.m. Remarks
Larry P. Arnn became the twelfth president of Hillsdale College in 2000. He received his B.A. at Arkansas State University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in government from the Claremont Graduate School. From 1985 to 2000, he was president of the Claremont Institute. He is the author of Liberty and Learning: The Evolution of American EducationThe Founders’ Key: The Divine and Natural Connection Between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It, and Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government.
Friday, December 4, 2015 

5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Remarks at 6:15 p.m.

Van Andel Lecture Hall 

The Kirby Center 

227 Massachusetts Avenue, NE 

Washington, DC 20002

Please be advised if you have allergies, Republicans, conservatives, and others may be present.  No special menu choices for sensitive snowflakes will be available.  Merry Christmas!

December 5
Lake Dallas, TX

12:00 PM
Nana's cafe
274 Main St
Lake Dallas, TX
Are you going?
This is the Denton County  Libertarian Party Executive Committee meeting.  Persons living in Denton County and who are interested in finding out about becoming a Libertarian are welcome to attend.

December 5
San Francisco, CA

Carol Ruth Silver speaks to Libertarian meetup


December 8
Washington, D.C..

Libertarian nerditude 

5;00 pm

R Street Institute

1050 17th Street NW 

The Star Wars franchise has inspired generations of science-fiction fans, numerous spin-offs, both good and terrible fan fiction, and even legislation in Congress.

With the next installment of the space opera set to be released in December, there are some important questions we must examine: Is the Empire actually a force for good? Are the Jedi a dangerous religious cult? Was the Republic doomed to failure? Is Han Solo an anarcho-capitalist? What does the series tell us about trade disputes? How would U.S. copyright law apply to lightsabers? How does Star Trek's vision of futuristic utopian socialism compare with Star Wars' setting "a long time in a galaxy far, far away"?

Our panel of experts will answer these questions and more with a deep discussion of the political philosophy of Star Wars and other contemporary science fiction. Reception to follow.


Rep. Blake Farenthold, R-Texas
U.S. House of Representatives

Benny Johnson
Creative Director,

Mike Godwin
Director of Innovation Policy, R Street Institute

Emily Zanotti
Digital Editor, American Spectator

Trevor Burrus
Research Fellow, Cato Institute


December 15
London, UK

Kristian Niemietz 

“The Economics of Political Correctness”


The Institute of Education, just off 

Russell Square – next to the student bar, Room S13, 

Thornhaugh Street, London, WC1B 5EA. 


December 17
Winchester, VA

Libertarian Happy Hour

7:00 pm

Join the Frederick County Libertarians for a couple hours of beer, burgers, and fun at 50/50 Taphouse in Winchester on December 17th.

November's Happy Hour was a huge success, so don't miss out on the great discussions, great people, and great beer and food.

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