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Libertarian but
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Libertarian Sarvis censored from Virginia debates

Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, Robert Sarvis, has qualified to be on this year's ballot alongside Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Ed Gillespie.

The first debate is being hosted by the Virginia Bar Association on Saturday, July 26th. Although there are only three candidates on the ballot, Robert Sarvis has again been excluded from debating his opponents. (See

Please use the phone numbers, email addresses and social media addresses below to contact the debate host, the Virginia Bar Association, and the moderator, Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour (the show will livestream the event), to politely ask them to invite Robert Sarvis to the debate.

Also, please share this event on Facebook/Twitter and invite your Facebook friends to help build support.


Virginia Bar Association
Contact information for invididual VBA leadership:

Judy Woodruff

PBS NewsHour


VBA Debate Announcement:

Washington Post: "Va. Libertarian Sarvis joins Senate ballot" - 6/26/2014 "Va. Libertarian makes U.S. Senate ballot but not debate" - 6/26/2014

Ballot Access News: "Robert Sarvis Showing was Best Gubernatorial Showing for a Minor Party Candidate in the South Since 1970" - 11/6/2013

Robert Sarvis:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Millenial Voters - Generation Opportunity

Evan Feinberg speaks to young Virginia voters.

Harry Reid's praetorian guard

You, dear taxpayer pay, it seems, for two to three black SUVs that sit on the corner at 23rd and M Streets NW all day, everyday, to guard Senator Harry Reid when he is home, and convoy him to the Hill when he wants to lie on the Senate floor and oppress you.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Did eastern establishment Jewish quotas create American political culture?

Here's an research program for people working in American intellectual history:

Did quotas in elite eastern establishment universities in the 20th century shape American culture and intellectual life, especially politics and political economy?

Did limiting the number of Jews then (and perhaps Asians now), mean that those most likely to be allowed in for a limited number of slots available to their ethnic group at eastern establishment schools were slightly better connected, well healed, or assimilated (and therefore more likely to defend establishment corporate statist/crony capitalist/corporate socialist perspectives*), while the more working class/small business family, freshly immigrated, socially awkward, Jews (then, Asians now etc.) who were kept out of establishment universities by quotas ended up at elite schools without quotas (paradigmatically the University of Chicago) and were also more likely to be critical of establishment views, either from a libertarian or a more radical socialist, perspective?

* Paul Krugman, Jonathan Chait, The New Republic, ad nauseum.

That is,   Allison Portchnik:

Libertarian calendar for July

July 22
Richmond, VA

Protest Virginia Bar Association censorship

We are Protesting the Virginia Bar Association in order to get Robert Sarvis in the Virginia Senate debate they are hosting on July 27th! The VBA invited the Democratic candidate and Republican Candidate, but decided not to invite Robert Sarvis. We as Libertarians need to take action and get attention, and act on this opportunity. We Libertarians are tired of being ignored, let's make a stand and make known what we stand for. This Protest will be lawful and non violent, but will plan to cause undesirable attention. Join Us and donate some time by protesting to get Robert Sarvisin the Virginia Senate Debate.

July 22
New York City

The New York Libertarian Party Meetup Group
Monday, July 21, 2014
6:00 PM

89 E 42nd Street New York
New York, NY 10168
Are you going?
Canvas with friends and colleagues as we push for 15,000 signatures for our statewide candidates. Never petitioned before? This is the perfect opportunity to meet up with some experienced people who can show you how it's done. Veteran petitioner? ..
Liberty Happy Hour
Tuesday, July 29, 2014 7:00 PM · 5 attending
Monthly MLP meeting
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 7:00 PM · 3 attending
Monthly MLP meeting
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 7:00 PM · 1 attending

July 22
Nashville, TN

Education Opportunities: A Path Forward for Students in Tennessee
Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. CDT
Renaissance Nashville Hotel (Meeting Rooms 108 - 109)
611 Commerce Street, Nashville, TN 37203
or watch live
Learn more at

Sponsored by the Charles Koch Institute and proudly supported by the Charles Koch Foundation.

Moderated by Shaka Mitchell, Regional Director for Tennessee,
Rocketship Education


Jonathan Butcher, Education Director, Goldwater Institute

Stephanie Linn, State Programs & Government Relations Director,
The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice

Justin Owen, President & CEO, The Beacon Center of Tennessee

Dr. Steve Perry, Principal, Capital Preparatory Magnet School

July 23

Jeremiah Fellowship deadline

It would be interesting to see a libertarian apply

Just a friendly reminder if you're thinking about applying for the Jeremiah Fellowship or want to recommend someone else: Applications are due by  Wednesday, July 23rd! 
JUFJ's Jeremiah Fellowship trains a select group of young adults to become the next generation of Jewish social justice activists.
Past Jeremiah Fellows call the experience "transformative" and “life-changing," saying it connected them back to themselves and the DC region in a totally new way. It's also a space for Fellows to explore their Judaism and their desire to make the world more just...and see how the two connect. 
Participants leave the Fellowship with tools for action and leadershipgood friends, and an expanding network of likeminded changemakers and mentors. Fellows meet 2-3 times a month and go on two weekend retreats over eight months as they learn directly from DC's leading activists and Jewish teachers.
I can't wait to see your application!
Rabbi Richman
Program Director and Rabbi-in-Residence, Jews United for Justice

July 23

Creepy Carenival
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Come one, come all! Come see the freakiest show on Earth!

It's no secret that Obamacare hasn't lived up to the hype: All across the country premiums have spiked, millions have lost their insurance and their doctors, and, what's worse, we're continually being sold a bundle of lies about how great Obamacare has been for our generation!
It's time to expose Obamacare for the freak show that it really is.

Join us on the National Mall on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014, 6:00-9:00 pm, as GenOpp kicks off our Fall Creepy Care-nival tour.

Attractions include:
Tightrope walkers
Food and drinks
Carnival games
Plus! Our Creepy Hospital - experience government-run health care at its worst

Come by and see the show for yourself. You won't want to miss it.

Sign up on Eventbrite to skip the lines!

July 24

Debate: Libertarians vs Conservatives

Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue NW
6:30 pm

Join the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation as we host our annual summer intern debate to discuss the topic: Is libertarianism or conservatism the better political philosophy?

The event will be moderated by political reporter Chris Moody. A reception will follow. 

This event is open to all students, interns, and young professionals. To reserve your seat, register here: The event will also be broadcast live online:


Liberty and virtue are values that both conservatives and libertarians tout as components of their philosophies. Historically, disagreements about the definitions of and balance between liberty and virtue have taken a back seat to other more pressing conflicts, causing the distinct philosophies to often be lumped together. As times have changed, elements of the old “fusionism” alliance have dissolved, and new conflicts have emerged that impose a strain on the formerly functioning, though imperfect, ideological partnership.

Recent policy issues have highlighted disagreements in areas such as the War on Drugs, national defense, welfare, immigration, marriage, foreign policy, and many others. These topics represent important reasons to discuss the similarities and the differences between the two worldviews.

We invite you to a timely debate about the two philosophies and their associated policy applications, as interns from the Heritage Foundation and the Cato Institute go head-to-head to answer the perennial question: Is libertarianism or conservatism the better political philosophy?

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