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Democrats and KKK
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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Future of Money with Tyler Cowen and Randall Kroszner

Your Vote for a Third Party Candidate Won’t Be a Waste in 2016

Your Vote for a Third Party Candidate Won’t Be a Waste in 2016: Most voters will categorically reject minor party candidates, dismissing a vote for anyone other than Clinton or Trump as a wasted ballot. Such thinking is deeply flawed and very dangerous for America’s future.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit Victory, new reason editor Katherine Mangu-Ward, and a communication problem for libertarians

Some libertarians, like Katherine Mangu-Ward, the new editor in chief at reason (speaking last week on the Kennedy show) favored "remaining" in the EU, as a form of maximizing free trade.

In a way it's a curious position for Ms. Mangu-Ward, a non-electoral libertarian who believes "voting only encourages them," yet thinks international governmental organizations and agreements are a good path to free trade.

It also highlights a problem area for libertarians, who often appear on C-Span, in the form of lawyers and scholars affiliated with CATO etc, arguing for free trade to an audience, if judged by the callers, who don't get the economic arguments about gains of trade and then view the libertarians as a subspecies of the pointy headed technocratic elite that populates the government and wants to tell them how to live their lives.

In on line discussions among members of the British Libertarian Alliance, opinion was something like this:

"...The death of the UK to be replaced by being a sub-state of the EU is a libertarian nightmare. By rejecting the EU we have taken a major step in the direction of libertarianism.

This was not the intention of most Leave campaigners but it means that the UK is now more... vulnerable, one might say, to libertarian campaigning. The EU is no longer there to impose its own laws from outside. Now all that we, as libertarians, have to contend with is the infrastructure and bureaucracy of British government. This is by no means an easy job but it's a lot easier than having to cope with the EU too!

Our job of bringing about libertarian change has just because a little bit easier.

All of a sudden, there is a lot less state for us to deal with."

I fear libertarians have a communication problem they don't know how to deal with here.  I saw one clicktivist in a group of gay Trump supporters recently damn all libertarians for looking down on people and thinking they are smarter than everyone else.  One of Gary Johnson's main media people, as well as a Republican delegate to the GOP nominating convention who wants to campaign for Johnson, have both expressed to me their exasperation with me when I ask if Libertarian candidates should not find a way to appeal to the concerns of Trump voters.

I'm picking on Ms. Mangu-Ward a little, as she dislikes me.  She's also a smart woman and might have some ideas about this communications problem.

Brexit Wins: Why That’s Great News for Europe, Too

British voters have elected to leave the European Union in a national referendum. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage declared Friday Britain’s “independence day.” That is quite a statement given British history. A little over two and a quarter centuries ago, America had its own first Independence Day, and the British Empire was the super-state from which Americans declared independence.
Independence is not isolation.
History has come full circle; in a sense, today we are seeing the American Revolution in reverse. In many ways, the European Union is a lever of US global hegemony. By seceding from the EU in spite of threats from Washington, Britain is declaring partial independence from America.
It must be noted that independence is not isolation. This is the key distinction that is intentionally blurred by the “Better Together” rhetoric of the “Remain” camp. When they scaremonger about “leaving Europe,” it conjures images of Britain abandoning Western civilization. But “the West,” as in the US-led alliance of neo-colonial powers, is not the same thing as Western civilization. And the European Union is not the same thing as Europe. Exiting a mega-state in defiance of an imperium is not withdrawing from civilization. In fact, such an exit is propitious for civilization.
Small Is Beautiful
Political independence fosters economic interdependence.
Advocates of international unions and super-states claim that centralization promotes trade and peace: that customs unions break down trade barriers and international government prevents war. In reality, super-states encourage both protectionism and warfare. The bigger the trade bloc, the more it can cope with the economic isolation that comes with trade warfare. And the bigger the military bloc, the easier it is for bellicose countries to externalize the costs of their belligerence by dragging the rest of the bloc into its fights.
A small political unit cannot afford economic isolationism; it simply doesn’t have the domestic resources necessary. So for all of UKIP’s isolationist rhetoric, the practical result of UK independence from the European economic policy bloc would likely be freer trade and cross-border labor mobility (immigration). Political independence fosters economic interdependence. And economic interdependence increases the opportunity costs of war and the benefits of peace.
The Power of Exit
Super-states also facilitate international policy “harmonization.” What this means is that, within the super-state, the citizen has no escape from onerous laws, like the regulations that unceasingly pour out of the EU bureaucracy. But with political decentralization, subjects can “vote with their feet” for less burdensome regimes. Under this threat of “exit,” governments are incentivized to liberalize in order to compete for taxpayer feet. Today's referendum was a victory both for Brexit and the power of exit. That's good news for European liberty.
During its Industrial Revolution, Britain was a beacon of domestic liberty and economic progress that stimulated liberal reform on the European continent. An independent Britain in the 21st century can play that role again. In doing so, Britain would help Europe outside the EU far more than it ever could on the inside. Brexit may be a death knell for the European Union, yet ultimately a saving grace for the European people.
Dan Sanchez
Dan Sanchez
Dan Sanchez is the Digital Content Manager at FEE, developing educational and inspiring content for, including articles and courses. His articles are collected at
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Libertarian calendar for June 2016

June 26
Alexandria, VA

Libertarian brunch

LPNOVA is excited to host a monthly lunch series at Reynolds Street Bar and Grill. Stop by for a hamburger and a beer while we discuss the local party.

These small, informal events are open to the public.

Want to make a Libertarian Lunch but can't make it to Alexandria? E-mail and we'll schedule one near you.
June 26
Columbia, Maryland

Maryland Objectivist Society

11:00 AM
Victoria Gastro Pub
8201 Snowden River Pkwy
Columbia, MD 21045

June 25-26
Pasadena, CA

Gary Johnson booth at Politicon
POLITICON is coming up fast. You don’t want to miss it. This huge, well organized event is a political conference for non-traditional folks. It runs June 25 -- 26 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Speakers will include Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, comedian Larry Wilmore, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and former Mexican President Vicente Fox. Organizers expect 45,000 people to attend.

Libertarians will be there as well. Our nominated national ticket, Gov. GARY JOHNSON for President is already polling close to the numbers they need to be included in the debates. They’ll be there too – giving the keynote address! You’ll have a chance to see them addressing a room full of interested politicos from all parts of the Democrat/Republican spectrum. Be part of the alternative in November. It’s simply time for change - everybody knows it - everybody feels it.

We have a perfect storm of voters being offered popularly hated candidates on the "big party" tickets, and two very well-groomed candidates on the Libertarian slate. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are two of the most experienced, well-liked and publicly accessible candidates we have ever had running for President and Vice President on the Libertarian ticket. We are poised to turn the world upside down.

We are going to have a lot of fun this election. And YOU can be with us. When Gary Johnson and Bill Weld get up to speak, we need YOU there filling the room and shaking the ground with Libertarian cheers.  When Vicente Fox gets up to talk about the horror wrought upon the people of Mexico by the failed War on Drugs, we need YOU there to take credit for being the only party to have consistently warned of the overbearing evil of the War on Drugs.  When Glenn Beck gets up to talk about his journey towards being a Libertarian, we need YOU showing him where the last leg of that journey to unabashed freedom fighter lies, so that when he teaches the philosophy, he teaches it strong.

We need YOU at our booth welcoming people home to the LP with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and friendly, old-fashioned Libertarian fellowship. We need YOU roaming the halls, engaging vendors, politicians, and political workers and infecting them with our momentum. We need YOU celebrating with your fellows at the after party, showing all of our new friends how gregarious and fun the Party “party” can be.

Join us at this VERY important event and help us kick this election season into high gear from the start.  Boomer Shannon is organizing the field work for Politicon and wants to get you hooked in and doing whatever it is you do best. As a libertarian you will appreciate his gift for leadership through empowerment. Give him a call right now (or text him) at (909) 641-7675, or e-mail for details and to get on the super-secret activist communication list.

Get your tickets directly on the Politicon page:

As a Libertarian activist and as part of our vendor deal you get a 25% discount on the already reasonable ticket price. Click on "Get Tickets", then as soon as the cart comes up click on 'Enter Promotional Code" and put in "LIBERTARIAN". Make sure to get enough to bring some friends, because this is going to be a fun filled event; certain to energize and activate them and we need you to bring the noise.

June 25
Centrevlle, VA

Northern Virginia Freedom Forum
2 pm
  • 26636 Bull Run Post Office Rd. Centreville, VA 20120

June's meet up will be Fairfax County at the home of Neil Freuen in Centreville. (hopefully the endless rain will be gone)

We are having a bonfire field party and a 1 night camp out. Please bring your tents, camping chairs, firearms and come enjoy an evening with us. BYOB and BYOF. Neil has a grill, but if you have a mobile grill, you may want to bring it.

Kids are encouraged to come and enjoy the night.

Also, if you have a shade tent, please bring it. We can huddle them together in case of weather.

Hope to see everyone there!

June 22
Gary Johnson CNN Townhall

Debate watching parties around the country including:

Montgomery, AL
7 pm

Sinclairs East
7847 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, Alabama 36116
Buzzards Bay, MA
8 pm

Little Rock, AR
7:45 pm

American Pie Pizza
4830 N Hills Blvd, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116
Arlington, Virginia
9 pm

Hard Times Cafe
Clarendon Metro
Dallas, TX
7:45 pm

9405 Ruidosa Trl, Irving, TX 75063-4644, United States

Omaha. NE
7:45 pm

Library Pub
5142 N 90th St, Omaha, Nebraska 68134

Las Vegas, NV
5:30 pm

The Phoenix Bar & Lounge
4213 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
June 19-26
Lancaster, NH

Roger's Campground & Motel
10 Rogers Campground Rd, Lancaster, New Hampshire 03584

Come celebrate the Free State Project 'triggering the move' in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire! We're expecting a big turnout this year so get your tickets today! 

Buy tickets by clicking above - every attendee must have a ticket. Tickets available online only - no ticket sales at the gate. Not open to the public.

To reserve a campsite at Rogers: forward your Eventbrite ticket email confirmation to and they will contact you for a deposit.

For more details on where to stay, how to get there, and what to bring, visit:

Join the conversation at

June 26
Chicago, IL

Libertarian Party at 2016 Chicago Pride Parade

June 26
New York. NY

Libertarian booth at Gay Pride
1 am - 6 pm
Hudson at Abingdon
June 29
Washington, DC

Reforming the USPS
Cato Institute
Rayburn House office building B-369

The U.S. Postal Service has lost more than $50 billion since 2007 as mail volume has plummeted. House and Senate committees are working on legislation to stem the losses, and a stamp price hike is in the mix. Meanwhile, many European nations have reinvigorated their postal systems by privatizing them and opening them to competition.

What challenges does the USPS face, and what changes are being considered by Congress? Should the USPS be moved to the private sector, and should entrepreneurs be allowed to compete?

Join our distinguished panel of experts—James Gattuso, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation; Kevin Kosar, Senior Fellow, R Street Institute; and Chris Edwards, Editor,, Cato Institute; and Peter Russo, Director of Congressional Affairs, Cato Institute—to hear about the postal deficit crisis and ideas for major reforms.


If you can’t make it to the event, you can watch it live online and join the conversation on Twitter using #CatoEvents. Follow @CatoEvents on Twitter to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from the Cato Institute.

Sam Harris discusses Islam, Orlando and the reaction from Trump, Clinton...

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Gary Johnson's campaign to date - The CNN Townhall

Libertarians seem unhappy with Gary Johnson's Town Hall performance.  

(I have to confess I fell asleep in front of a TV from a day of overwork, planning on attending a debate watch party, and awoke with only 15 minutes of it left.  What I saw did not make me prioritize watching the rest.)

 Two trends in libertarian commentaries, like those by readers at reason, where editor at large Matt Welch summed up Gary's performance as "nice guys finish third," are that Gary was a bit of a choke artist - perhaps Romney is thinking of endorsing Gov. Johnson because they share the same debate coach - and that the ticket should be reversed, with Weld for President and Johnson for Vice president.

Of course, libertarians would not be happy with that either.  Johnson is probably more libertarian on issues than is Weld.  And they have been running very much as a team anyway, as one might expect given that they are both two term Governors, but Weld from a larger state.

Dr. Ross Levatter, a long time libertarian activist who worked on the 1980 Clark campaign summed up Johnson's refusal to go negative thus: "I get that Gary Johnson wants to be positive, but if he felt compelled to say Hillary Clinton was good at something, I wish instead of 'public servant' he had gone with 'commodity trader'."

Another Clark campaign activist sent her former colleagues a long rant on Johnson:

I suppose you all watched the town hall last night. Johnson needs help.  He needs a coach - a team of coaches. He's not good on his feet. Is anybody working with him on how to be a strong clear minded confident articulate candidate who knows how to field the questions and be clear about his program and the libertarian solutions to the problems? It would appear not. 

Weld should have been the presidential nominee. Johnson vice President. 

It was clear in the convention debates that Johnson was not the best of the candidates at articulating his approach, but the fact that he is a former elected governor made him the best choice. Hopefully he's teachable.

Besides a coach, the campaign needs money, and I'm sure volunteers, and experts in marketing, media, public relations, etc. 

Who is working with the campaign to set these things up? Does anybody know? The campaign headquarters doesn't even have a voicemail.

What can we be doing to make this happen? Are any of you involved? Would you please let us know?

I hope to hear back with some good feedback. Or, is it s lost cause?

The reason readers have a third commentary trend:  many mentions that even though they found Gary's performance cringe worthy, their non-libertarian spouses all thought he sounded like a reasonable person for whom they could vote.

George Will bolts GOP: 'This is not my party'

George Will bolts GOP: 'This is not my party': Conservative columnist and commentator George Will announced that he is no longer a registered Republican after changing his Maryland registration from the GOP to unaffiliated.
I'm an unaffiliated voter in the state of Maryland, Will told PJ Media in an interview.
This is not my party, Will said during a speech beforehand to the Federalist Society. He also reportedly said that House Speaker Paul Ryan's decision to endorse Trump was part of why he left the party.
Will said he isn't sure whether he'll vote for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson. And he offered up a plan for conservatives to follow who don't plan to support Donald Trump.
Make sure he loses, said Will, a Fox News contributor. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House.

Falling asleep in front of the TV