Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bruce Jenner and Zuri Davis vs the Thought Police

This week a young African American woman was told she was ignorant by the trolls of social media because she's a constitutionalist and she was pictured with other women wearing "Stand with Rand" T shirts.  She's not allowed to have certain opinions - some of them shared by other famous and accomplished African American women like novelist Zora Neale Hurston - because she's black.

Then a few days later, transitioning Bruce  Jenner made Diane Sawyer lose it by saying he leans conservative and often votes Republican because he thinks they support the Constitution.  Log Cabin Republicans immediately issued a press release welcoming him.  Democrats on social media, already having a bad week as Hillary's and Bill's criminality is exposed in increasing depths of depravity, were crushed.

As libertarian Corie Whalen Stephens put it: "The only reality TV I watch is House Hunters, so I can't say I know much about this Bruce Jenner guy. But I absolutely love watching so-called progressives freak out when people they ignorantly claim as "theirs" dare to stray from the totalitarian regime of acceptable opinion. Believe it or not, it's perfectly logical to be transgendered and support constitutionally limited government. In fact, those who are outside of the mainstream are better off when government is small. Tyranny of the majority is a real thing, and more freedom is better for those who are seen as the least acceptable."

On social media Democrats wept, rendered their garments, and gashed their fangs:

o yes I watched the Bruce Jenner interview last night because I want to learn as much as I can about the people on this Earth.. He was struggling all his life and now he came out what's next I don't know but here's the thing I found out he is A Conservative Republican.. Diane Sawyer gasped and said do you think if you went to Mitch McConnell and John Boehner they would welcome you with open arms to which he said yes I would hope so. Being 65 and not having a clue on the Bums in Congress and how they want to destroy everything is very sad. All I can say is Bruce after your re-assignment wake up and re-think the Turd Party of Nothing...
  • Clara Wilson Sounds like an oxymoron to me

  • Trudi Trudi Barry bruce is bought jerk

  • Lloyd Kay I totally agree I cannot believe he's a conservative and Republican boat except for one thing is probably riches as hell

  • Lloyd Kay I wonder how much money he got paid for this interview

  • Amy Halpern that was very disheartening and reconfirmed my opinion of him from the beginning of the Kardashian show...he was a schmuck then..hes still a schmuck

  • Debbie Scott He seems like a really nice person, and I hope he finds some peace. That said, he gave away his intellect when he stated he was a Republican because he "believe(s) in the Constitution".
  • Clara Wilson I remember watching and rooting for him at the '76 Olympics. Now I really wish him well in his new journey. That said......, a REPUBLICAN?! (All that Kardashian stuff is just money making crap, and it is staggering to know how many people actually watch it)

  • Heather Eller Ruh????? He's a republican?

  • Sylvia J Brooks I am a liberal democrat and I believe in God and I believe in the constitution,the three things can be joined in one person!
  • Kristine Gersonde The only thing I found shocking about his interview was the fact that he is a republican. An LGBT person doesn't stand a chance in that party.
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  • Maggie Kyer Well Bruce will find out that the republican/tea party are not his friends and they want to take his rights away for being who he is,,hes a fool thinking they will welcome him into their little tight nit club

  • Andrea Anderson My heart ached for him. I kept falling asleep, so I missed that part! I feel sorry for him being a Republican!!

  • Patricia Hollis I wonder if the whole gender change was for profit...how many nuts can one family!

  • Maria Tanksley conservative republican, really?

  • Ruth Gibson just shows his brain is sure mixed up--A REPUBLICAN !!! gottin' be kidding...

  • Lynn Lowrance Of course he's a Republican.

  • Cheryl Sklar I wish him no ill will, but this is a non story for me. We have bigger fish to fry, like keeping the republicans out of the white house.
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  • Joyce Martaus I truly believe this will be a wake up call for him politically...

  • Pat Peragine Caldera Why do Republicans think that Democrats don't believe in the Constitution?

  • Andrea Anderson The same way they think we Democrats do not believe in the Bible!

  • Jay Scott Weamer Ok so he decides he's a female in a male body I'll give him that but than to say that he is a conservative republican! That's the part that through so me off! Is he nuts does he really think they would accept him! Delusional!!

  • Jay Scott Weamer But to be honest this is a non story, why waste 2 hrs of air time? There are more important things to report than this crap
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  • Chris Lines I was supportive until now.
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  • Debra Seres I thought it showed his lack of political knowledge. He just voted Republican because his rich friends do.

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Andy Bakker for Delegate