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Libertarian calendar for August 2015

August 4
Hampton, NH

Free State Outreach
6:00 pm

Come accurately represent the Free State Project!

The Hampton NH Democrats have decided to host a discussion with Granite State Progress regarding both the Free State Project
and the American Legislative Exchange Council during their monthly meetup. This promises to be a one-sided (and likely negative) presentation, so come balance out the discussion.

From the event email:
"Zandra Rice Hawkins will provide an update on the Free State Project and ALEC. If you are not familiar with either of these "initiatives" you should plan to attend - you will surprised and concerned at the amount of influence these two groups are playing - and hope to play - in New Hampshire.

Each of these promises to be VERY educational -- pleas plan to join us."

The event will be at 6:00pm at the Lane Memorial Library, Hampton, NH. Please come respectfully dressed and ready to give a polite, educated, and very friendly face to the Free State Project. Remember, we're not here to rage. We're trying to counter wild-eyed fear and misinformation.

The entire message:

Seacoast Online article:
August 4
Richmond VA

Meet Marc Feldman
6 pm

  • The Robin Inn
    2601 Park Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23220

  • Join The Patrick Henry Supper Club as they welcome Dr. Marc Allan Feldman (Votes Not For Sale) in his first visit to Richmond. Dr. Feldman is seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for President Of The United States. He will be presenting his campaign and answering any questions you may have about his candidacy. Dinner begins at 6pm with Dr. Feldman's presentation beginning at 7pm.

    Dr. Feldman is an Anesthesiologist at The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio and has run for office as a Libertarian in the past. Most recently, Dr. Feldman ran for Ohio Attorney General.

    Please join us to meet Dr. Feldman and to learn more about his candidacy and The Libertarian Party. And please invite your family and friends. You do not have to be a Libertarian Party member to attend. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more about Dr. Feldman.

    You can learn more about Dr. Feldman at the link below...


    August 4
    South Riding, VA

    National Night Out

    Suojanen for Delegate

    •  to 
    • Starbucks

      South Riding Town Center, 43114 Peacock Market Plaza,South Riding, VA (map)
    • Libertarian candidate for Virginia House of Delegates District 87 Brian Suojanen will be participating in National Night Out in South Riding. This event educates the public about how to reduce and prevent crime in our communities. Please join Brian in distributing flyers about how his platform addresses both organized and violent crime. We'll meet at Starbucks, located in South Riding Town Center, at 6:45.
    August 6
    Roger McBride's birthday.  Mr. McBride would have been 85 today.  He was the 1976 Libertarian Party candidate.

    August 6
    Keller, TX

    The Tarrant County Libertarian Meetup

    6:30 PM
    Shannon Brewery
    818 N Main Street
    Keller, TX
    August 7-9
    Bački Monoštor, Serbia

    Bodrog Fest 2015

    Liberland will have its representatives onsite, Liberland’s merchandise will be offered there and Mr. President, Vit Jedlicka, will also be present. There will be an entertainment programme with activities for all ages. You can look forward to exciting music and dramatic performances, video projections, interactive exhibits and much more.

    The full program of the festival in English can be viewed on the Facebook page for the eventcreated for Liberland supporters here. Please confirm your attendance there.

    The accomodation capacity at LSA HQ is very limited due to the high demand, therefore we would suggest to stay at the nearby campsite or secure the accomodation beforehand at Airbnb or Oaza Mira. 

    Please feel free to look at the most up-to-date articles by Bloomberg and Euronews about Liberland. If you cannot make it to this event please consider donations and do not forget to follow Liberland on official FB page and news section on our website.

    August 7-10
    Delton, MI

    Midwest Peace and Liberty conference - PorcFest West

    Announcing the 3rd Annual Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest hosted by The Michigan Peace and Liberty Coalition!

    The event Details, such as pricing, registration, and the start and end times are still under development but we wanted to get it posted so you can save the date: Here is what we know:

    Join us for a long, laid back weekend of peace, liberty, and connection at this family friendly camping event this summer!

    We will link to the web page the event is hosted on here with registration details.

    We have had a great time connecting with like minded liberty lovers from the Midwest and other places far away, at the previous fests and we are excited to do it again. 

    This year’s fest will, once again, take place at Circle Pines Center in Delton, Michigan. The location worked out great last year as it was a nice venue and we were left to ourselves the whole time. Circle Pines is a member-based education and recreation center whose mission is to teach peace, social justice, environmental stewardship and cooperation. We will have plenty of room on acres of land with rolling hills, hardwood and pine forests, meadows and a sandy beach on spring-fed Stewart Lake. There are miles of trails for hiking, diverse wildlife and an organic garden and orchard provide fresh produce.

    You can expect diverse and life-enriching experiences at this year’s fest. We know how valuable free time sharing meals, conversation, and connection with a like-minded community is, and with that in mind we've made sure to maintain the laid back and flexible nature of last year’s festival. We are also aware that there is value in highlighting the innovative and intelligent minds the liberty community has to offer from across the Midwest. At the Spontaneous Order Tent, expect a line-up of Midwest sourced liberty enthusiasts offering talks, interactive discussions, demonstrations, and dialogues on the most pertinent issues relevant to your freedom! Last year we had many talks and they were great. There will also be opportunities for you to take the floor if you so choose. We will announce a schedule for the Spontaneous Order Tent as the event draws closer. Contact us for info about signing up to give a talk.

    Truly free market exchanges will inevitably be happening throughout the weekend. We highly encourage guests to bring their offerings to contribute to the building of a bustling and robust market for everyone to enjoy. Food, handmade goods, apparel, currency exchange, and a variety of other services will be available.

    Guarantee your space and REGISTER ASAP. Get all the details about pricing and registration here.


    August 10
    Your Stand

    Lemonade Freedom Day LemonadeFreedom

    August 21-23
    Gore, VA

    AnarCon - PorcFest South

    • The Cove, 980 Cove Road, Gore, Virginia 22637
    The State of Nature is a concept in Western political philosophy which describes the supposed state of human society before becoming “organized” under the laws of nation-states.

    Thomas Hobbes put forward perhaps the most famous and enduring description of this state of anarchy in Leviathan, where he saw life as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.”

    This supposedly violent and dangerous state was used to justify the Social Contract, where governments would be instituted as a “common power to keep…all in awe” and limit the violence of men.

    We beg to differ with Hobbes. Rather than discourage violence among men, coercive institutions like governments have been the chief perpetrators of violence, over the centuries. The power of the State is a siren song to those who would use violence to control and abuse others. 

    AnarCon will be taking place at The Cove. The beautiful 3,000 mountain acre campground includes a beach for swimming, lakes to go boating and fishing, trails for motorcycles, ATVs, mountain biking, and hiking. And if that’s not enough for you there’s also a rifle and pistol range on site!

    Let's come together as a tribe to share our stories of liberation, strategies against tyranny, and community celebration. Camp VI is where we’ll be hosting our festivities for spontaneous order. It includes a stage for music and talks, washroom facilities, and room for up to 1,000 happy campers.

    In order to keep costs low we're not selling festival tickets, price is just the general campground admission payable at the entrance: $17 for adults and $8 for those under 12 for each 24-hour stay. So if you checked in on Friday around noon check out would then be the same time on Sunday for a 2-day period.

    Agorist trading is encouraged, and anyone who wants to play music, spin fire, or do a spoken word piece can perform. Let us know, too, if you would like to put together a workshop, teach a class, or give a talk.

    Since anarchy is not a political position, advocation for political rulers or their affiliated gang party is not welcomed. The non-aggression principle with respect for property rights should be the only rules necessary.

    More information will be coming soon! If you want to help put together this awesome freedom festival contact us at info@LiberateRVA.com

    August 1-30

    Libertarian registration drive

    As more and more polls are indicating that voters no longer identify with the two major parties - it's a great time to get out and tell more people about the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF)!

    To encourage participation and help the Libertarian Party of Florida register more new LPF voters, the Membership Committee is hosting the LPF 2015 Voter Registration Drive with cash incentives plus media and graphic design support. Our goal is to raise LPF voter registrations by 30 percent per year before November 30!

    Please join this event to receive updates, as it will be used as "Registration Drive Central" - a place where everyone can share graphics, tips and information that will be helpful to all in this registration drive.

    INCENTIVES!: The Membership Committee is offering two $250 prizes. Affiliate participation is optional. The prizes will be awarded to the affiliate with the largest percentage increase in LPF Florida registrations from June 30 through November 30, 2015. If there is no established affiliate in the winning county, the money will be held until affiliation. There will be two divisions -- one Large County division and one Small County division. Large Counties will be those with over the average population; Small Counties will be those with below average population.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! It's a great time to be Libertarian. Tell a friend, or two, or twenty! ;)

    How to register Libertarian http://www.lpf.org/get-involved/register-libertarian-voter

    News Feed

    We've got what you need on your registration event tables!
    Already printed and ready to ship:
    4" x 9" rack cards - 1250 for $32 (+ shipping) - or you can pick them up if you're near Lee, Collier or Pasco county.
    Post your requests here and we'll get them into your hands!

    August 22
    Plainview, NY

    19TH ANNUAL Long Island Libertarian Cook Out

      TIME:           2 pm – 8 pm  
                             { children family & friends welcome }

      WHERE:     27 Charlotte Place, Plainview, NY 11803

      PHONE:     917-306-5177
      e-mail:     jimlpharris@optonline.net

    August 25
    West Babylon, NY

    Suffolk County Libertarian Party

    7:00 PM
    1025 W Montauk Hwy
    West Babylon, NY 11704

    Monday, August 3, 2015

    Hillary's first TV ad

    Leave her some love on her YouTube channel.

    Monday's recommended reading - less palatable news

    The latest Stalonist smear on the Kochs (Stalon)

    James Baldwin's FBI file the size of Obamacare bill (Publisher's Weekly)

    Ayn Rand denialism (reason)

    And:  TIME magazine does a Goebbelsian smear of the Kochs with a lying headline, but then corrects it

    D.C. Pot Shop Re-Opens

    Capitol Hemp is now open

    As many of you know, I opened Capitol Hemp on April 20, 2008 and in 2011 MPD raided our two stores forcing us to close down in September 2012. The following year, with the support of Dr. Bronner's, I dedicated myself, both publicly and personally, to change DC's marijuana laws. Thanks to your overwhelming support, we passed Ballot Initiative 71 by 70.1%. Today I'm proud to say that we reopened Capitol Hemp less than two blocks away from it's original location.

    I'd like to invite you to come and check out our new store at 1770 Columbia Road, NW, Washington, DC. We'll be open tonight until6pm and reopen tomorrow morning at noon. We have free shelled hemp seeds available and if you mention "DCMJ2014" at check out we'll give you some free rolling papers (while supplies last!).

    See you soon,

    Adam Eidinger
    1770 Columbia Road
    Make sure you pick up our new filter tips flyer!

    Rand Paul's secret weapon: His wife

    Monday's recommended reading - Libertarian Girls (and Boys) Cooking Class

    Falling asleep in front of the TV


    Andy Bakker for Delegate

    Andy Bakker for Delegate

    Suojanen for Delegate

    Suojanen for Delegate

    Carl Loser

    Carl Loser