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Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Liberal education" and the desire to be moral

So maybe when you teach Westerners, especially Western males, including Western white males, that they and western liberal capitalism are evil, some of them, instead of becoming guilty and submissive, decide to become "good guys" and become (Islamic) terrorists.
Who knew?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Source: Ferguson Cop Who Killed Michael Brown Was "Beaten Very Severely" Before Shooting

Source: Ferguson Cop Who Killed Michael Brown Was "Beaten Very Severely" Before Shooting

Ferguson: Ten Days That Shook the Country

Ferguson: Ten Days That Shook the Country by Justin Raimondo --

Interesting, but I think the jury is still out in this one case.  Mike Brown may have tried to beat Darrel Wilson to death.

Situations like Ferguson show us why Dominique Francon was a great reporter - partisan liars and hucksters and grifters on all sides. On the one hand it looks like Brown was a criminal thug helping to destroy his own community; on the other hand we need an investigation to find out why that required shooting him 6 times in the upper body; our current so called political liberal leadership are such a degenerated nullity compared to olden days, including our African American political hucksters, grifters, and ignoramuses, from Sharpton and Jackson to Eleanor Holmes Norton (who thinks that people can't choose to vote for people of another race), that depending on them ensures that the main stream of liberals, Democrats, and the black political class won't produce any intelligent reaction that the population in general can respect; on the other hand I am unwilling to have as the main official investigator/prosecutor someone with lots of police as members in his family. And the governor, who is already declaring the police man guilty and who hasn't even called the Ferguson mayor on the phone yet, needs to resign from office.

The Independents covered Ferguson tonight (rebroadcast at midnight),

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