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Democrats and KKK
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Questions about the Boston Bomber

An Internet friend asks

Am I the only one that smells shit here?
I have been watching this whole ordeal in Boston today, since I woke up at 05:30 ET.  Let's review:
We have a 19 year old kid, who by all accounts, is a good kid, everyone who knows him speaks highly of him.
We have seen several video clips of him and his brother.  None of the video clips that we have seen even remotely looks as if they are in any way connected to setting off a bomb at the Boston Marathon.  On the other hand, there are a number of video clips on web sites like Reddit who have suspects that do look very suspicious.   The government is telling us that they have video clips that proves the 19 year old kid who is still alive set the second bomb off, but the public and the media has yet to see these clips.
The government has killed the brother.
The government claims that there was a car jacking, and a robbery.  No one has collaborated these stories as of yet.
There are at least three thousand law enforcement personnel on the ground.....Most of these law enforcement personnel are greatly, hugely overweight.  None of them could pass a physical fitness examination, and all of them are probably drawing overtime.
We have had at least, (that I have witnessed)  three huge, large gunfire engagements throughout the day.   This is not including the purported gun battle that killed the first (brother)  suspect.    The police and FBI have yet to tell the public or the media what these gun battles were over.
There are at least two tanks rolling around the streets of Watertown Massachusetts.

The whole metropolitan area of Boston has been shut down.  No trains.....No taxis.....No buses....
Everyone has been ordered to stay inside and lock their doors.  
All of this, for some 19 year old kid,  who is supposedly wounded,  and supposedly propped up in the back of a boat.
The boat is easily accessible, and any car, truck (or tank) could easily hook up to the boat trailer and tote it on over to the police station,  the news media,  where all of the fat cops are propped up wearing safety patrol belts and flak jackets.
What am I missing here?  

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